Off the Hook
Released: June 1, 2006

At long last, and well worth the wait, the new Tom Rigney and Flambeau CD is here and it is OFF THE HOOK!!! A scaldingly hot collection of tunes and songs that will burn a deep groove in your CD player and in your consciousness. With irresitibly infectious grooves, a bunch of catchy tunes that'll stay in your head, and the unique blend of American roots music styles that this great band has been churning out for years now, "Off the Hook" will kick you around the block and have you begging for more

From the opening lick that kicks off their killer rendition of the Righteous Brothers' classic "My Babe" to the relentlessly propulsive fiddle rave-up "Off the Hook" to two new Tom Rigney/Joe Paquin collaborations (Sundogs fans take note...), "Never Let You Take It Away" and "I Won't Be Sad Tonight", to the dark, bluesy original instrumental "Insomnia", this disc won't give you a minute to catch your breath. With several brand new tunes and a handful of much-requested Flambeau standards (including a couple of Cajun two-steps and a breathtakingly lovely waltz), this is one beautiful record!

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