One of the Bay Area's most formidable bands--a roots-powered sound which freely mingles Cajun influences with Neur Orleans R&8, jazz, traditional lrish music and rocK
Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News
Fiddle-led cajun/blues rock doesn't get better than this. Straight ahead, no moulds broken, tight and hot. I's a booter...a killer festival band...
Folk Roots Magazine
Tom Rigney plays the violin and MAN can he playl High, low, moans, screams, etc., all from that fiddle. He is in my mind one of the cleanest, smoothest fiddle players I've ever heard. He somehow adjusts that instrument to the right genre. Rigney has surrounded himself with some fine musicians that can really play and support his arrangements. The band is made up of talented artists who are themselves impressive. These guys are good, fiery talented, and hot. The originals here have the feel of classics.
The Critical Review
Dazzling...a surprising musical experience, vibrant and various in its repertoire of original compositions. It is hard to sit still through the sweet compelling airs and stompin' Cajun melodies played with such joyous virtuosity.
Janet Gallin, San Fransisco Moda Magazine
Flambeau is a labor of love and a work of art for Rigney.
Roger Hoskins, Modesto Bee
A fiddler that's had kind of an amazing life steps up with his latest roots extravaganza that simply makes you wonder why this guy is putting out his records himself. Easily a crew that should be resting atop the back 4O... High octane, energetic and note perfect throughout, any alt.adult fan that considers himself a real music fan owes it to himself to get a load of this action. A winner throughout.
Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap
Fabulous swamp flavored fiddling...Rigney delivers a wonderful set of music. No way you can go wrong if you like fine fiddling and Southern Fried grooves; the musical gumbo is just right.
Marc Bristol, Blue Suede News
Never less than spellbinding. The eclectic and sizzling music runs the gamut from gritty zydeco and funky blues to New Orleans jazz and lyrical waltzes. The style of playing is consistent, yet varied and extremely melodic; it's also passionate and, above all, infectious. It's hard to know whether to be more impressed by Rigney's playing, his compositions, or the back-up support he gets.
Paul E. Comeau, Dirty Linen

These guys are a national treasure!

Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Magazine
Tom Rigney combines technical virtuosity with the drive and enthusiasm of a great dance fiddler. Drawing on influences as diverse as Cajun, Celtic, Gypsy and blues, Rigney covers a full emotional range from the melancholy of Consolation through the wild dance-frenzy of Hounded. The interplay is spectacular...
Philip Campbell, Fiddler Magazine
lf Ry Cooder's out of the budget, you might come calling fior a guy named Tom Rigney. The Bay Area fiddle player is an all-American eclectic, and his new instrumental album, Chasing the Devil, is moody, evocative, original and energetic. I don't know if he's done any scoring yet, but if you're looking for rootsy instrumental music, Rigney's got it in him.
Scott Becker, InsideReport
Tom Rigney has refreshened the palette of contemporary choice. He's written exacting music that requires a high level of skill to play and absolutely no efrort to listen to. Try to sit still while Rigney's guys play—I dare youl Try to pretend that they are not unabashedly beautiful, wistul, haunting, or mirthful as the track-may-be and you'll wear yourself out with the effort. These guys are great!
Peter Coyote
Flair, verve, expertise, and an energy that only comes from love of what you are doing... pulled together by a joy and vision that shines through.
Robert Gottlieb, The All Music Guide
Rigney led the band through several original cookers including a couple of Cajun two-steps, a zydeco romp, an lrish jig, an upbeat Gypsy tune, a sizzling Louisiana
blues, and even a work-in-progress tango. But the revelation of the evening was Rigney's brilliance in changing the musical pace by delivering slow-tempo, emotionally
charged pieces that don't fit the good-times category. While I've spent many hours dancing up a storm at Rigney's glgs over the years, this show was by far the most satisfying performance I've attended. Here's hoping he continues to investigate new fiddling territory.
Dan Ouellette, The Express
Second fiddle to no one!
Bruce Kluepfel, Berkeley Voice
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