Collision of Rhythm
Moshe Levis

Collision of Rhythm is a duo comprised of tap-dancing classical virtuoso, Aaron Williams, and
beatbox-juggling keynote speaker, Bronkar Lee. They have worked with companies like GoPro, Coca Cola, and Google, and have been featured on The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, and SuperBowl commercials. Both have achieved internet fame with “rhythmic” viral videos — Aaron, through his virtuosic rendition of Mario on Marimba (over 80 million views), and Bronkar, as the Beatbox Dad, through a video of him beatboxing with his son (over 200 million views).

Though there are only two of them, they fill the stage as a 12-person ensemble would, moving from
instrument to instrument with a high level of skill and diversity. What’s created is a richly explosive experience like nothing else out there — rhythm-centered, but also full of melodic movement and dynamic depth. With drumming, tap dancing, rhythmic juggling, marimba, piano, saxophone, 􀃸ute and so much more, the show has been described as “Stomp meets Blue Man meets Cirque du Soleil.” The pure joy that music and rhythm has instilled within these two humans is extended to every audience member throughout the performance. Between choreographed musical pieces, there is audience interaction, humor, and personal stories that make this show all at once captivating, inspiring, and 􀃸at-out extraordinary.

Aaron and Bronkar first performed together onstage in a completely improvised moment during a TEDx event in Hollywood in 2013. They met backstage and knew they were musical soul brothers. Since then, they’ve performed entertainment shows, led educational outreach workshops, and given keynotes on collaboration and teamwork all across the U.S.

Posted: Sep-17-2019
Latest Acclaim

“A jaw-dropping performance… Unbelievable to watch!”
Leah Schachtner, Event Producer

“The most mind-blowing act of the new millenium.”
Phil Solomon, CEO
Way 2 Much Entertainment

“Infectious energy coupled with a strong message about self confidence. Incredible on all ends!”
Gillian Jones, Director of Programming
Edmonds Center for the Arts

“By the end of the concert, the entire audience felt like family — connected, inspired, and in sync.”
Jeff Raz
Cirque du Soleil performer, director, and producer

— various presenters
Posted: Mar-7-2019
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Posted: Mar-27-2020