Collision of Rhythm
Moshe Levis
Group and Personal Biographies

Collision of Rhythm began when Bronkar Lee and Aaron Williams met on stage, both speaking and performing separately at a TEDx event in Hollywood, CA. The two were drawn together and inspired by each other’s technical abilities and infectious energy, and both immediately felt that they were meant to perform together. This feeling was confirmed by the resulting undeniable synergy and spark in their initial collaboration.

But it wasn’t just about “putting on a show” for either of them. Bronkar has years of experience conducting youth empowerment programs and workshops, as well as providing inspirational and motivational entertainment to adult crowds at conferences and galas. Aaron has invested much of his time teaching music and dance, and leading workshops with kids. United by their desire to inspire and spread a positive message through music, dance, and physical theater arts, they crafted a live show focused on combining different rhythmic art forms in new and innovative ways.

Both artists are multi-instrumentalists and come from different artistic backgrounds -- Bronkar started out his career with circus arts and theater; Aaron has spent years studying dance and music theory, and the two are able to fuse their talents in varied and unexpected ways. For example, Bronkar’s passion for juggling and object manipulation combines seamlessly with Aaron’s knack for advanced musical time signatures, but they do so in a manner they like to call “sophisticated funk” – i.e., using their technical precision as masters of their crafts and communicating it so that it relates to all ages of people. The show is constructed as family-friendly, making it easily accessible to the youngest of audience members and, at the same time, still wildly impressive to the oldest of those in attendance.

Another key component of the performance concept is audience interaction. The show illustrates the new and unique possibilities that can result from a collaborative process, and how these possibilities can be amplified when we work together as a unit, instead of as individuals, and then extends the collaborative process to include the audience members as well. The resulting audience experience becomes that of not just observers but that of active participants as well, joining in on the excitement and energy that comes from that in-the-moment expression of passion, music and life.

Aaron Williams is a virtuosic tap dancing multi-instrumentalist, trained in classical music, jazz, and rudimental percussion technique. He achieved internet fame with his viral video, Mario on Marimba, which has received millions of views on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. He appeared in Coca Cola’s “America the Beautiful” campaign which aired during the Superbowl, the Olympics, and the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. He is the composer of “Jazzy Note Blocks,” the music behind Note Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 5, which has racked up nearly 70 million views on youtube.

In addition to his online and commercial successes, Aaron is a world-class music educator. He holds Level 3 Certification in Orff Schulwerk pedagogy, and he has presented teacher training workshops for AOSA, KIPP Schools, CMEA (California Music Education Association), and several colleges and universities. He is a recipient of the ACEMM Winter Spotlight Award, which is granted for outstanding work in learning communities utilizing music and movement. Aaron has done extensive work as a Band Director, Private Lessons Instructor, and Music Specialist for students ranging in age from 2 to 92.


Bronkar Lee is a musician, producer, and keynote speaker whose unique background includes touring Europe as ringmaster to a world-renowned circus, appearing with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, and beatboxing with his son in a viral video that received over 144 Million views. He’s performed around the globe for companies including Disney, YouTube, Facebook, as well as in Madison Square Garden.

Bronkar plays 42 instruments and counting (including drums, saxophone, guitar, and Native American flute) which he’s incorporated into live performances and presentations for over 20 years. He has produced multiple theater shows, and he also founded the Set Your Tone Summit in Atlanta, Georgia (a full-day experience of live music and Ted-talk style presentations from various thought leaders). He serves as the current President for the Georgia National Speakers’ Association, and he collaborated with his wife Cyndi Harvell Lee to write the book BAM: Bold Achievement Method, which outlines their 6-step process for accelerated learning.

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