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The Melrose Poetry Bureau is the brainchild of poet/writers Nayeli Adorador-Knudsen and Bobby Gordon. Working as either a solo artist, a duo, or enlisting the services of additional poet/writer/educators, MPB offers a wealth of performance and educational opportunities including but not limited to performance of original spoken word pieces, public writing installations (i.e. the Transient TypeWriter Project), writing workshop residencies, and coordination of poetry slams. Nayeli and Bobby share impressive individual credits: Nayeli - HBO's Def Jam Poetry, title role in the film "Opal", Youth Speaks Grand Slam Finalist, MA-University of Washington. Bobby - Writer/Solo Performer in critically acclaimed "Debby Does My Dad", Director/Lecturer/Founder "Performing Sexual Health: The UCLA Sex Squad", MA in Applied Theater Arts, USC.

A featured project of the Melrose Poetry Bureau is the Transient TypeWriters Project. The Transient TypeWriters (TT) is a moving, interactive, public poetry installation that travels throughout an event and/or functions as an installation in a single location, responding to and dialoguing with patrons. Five poets travel around with six manual typewriters and create poetry on the spot for event attendees and/or passersby (depending on the situation), celebrating direct human interaction and dialogue around art that does not involve any electrical cords, internet, or social media. Patrons will present the poets with some basic information about themselves (i.e., favorite color, favorite season, a fantasy, a goal, a dream, etc.), and poets then compose original poems and present the finished poem (typed on the manual typewriter) to the patron. Additionally, each poet’s thematic focus will be identified on a sign sitting in front of that poet. Samples of possible themes are “regrets”, “lies”, “dreams”, “death”, “love”, “earth”, “conservation”, “laughter”, etc. 

Acclaim for Bobby Gordon & Nayeli Adorador, Core Members of MPB

Nayeli as Jacqueline in Marry, F***, or Kill – Magic Mirror Theater: “Nayeli Adorador-Knudsen (Jacqueline) owns the day by breaking the rules. Adorador-Knudsen is generous beyond belief and courageous to a fault. She flows like a river in search of whatever existence has to offer. Certainly one of the best performances, male or female, of the year.” –Radomir Luza, North Hollywood Patch, December 2012

Bobby in Debby Does My Dad at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: "I would urge all males between the ages of 14 and 25 to see it as it may offer a refreshing insight into the less-than-cool issues that hide under public male bravado."Phoebe Ladenburg, Fringe Review

Nayeli As Opal in the Film “Opal”:  “Portrayed by the striking Nayeli Adorador-Knudsen, Opal brings to light the mystery behind this fascinating woman” - Tribeca Film Institute

Nayeli on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam:  “Nayeli Adorador-Knudsen…delivered in a Twista-like speed patter that was pleasing to listen to. Spoken word is often about vocal texture, and one of my biggest complaints about this show is that it sometimes slips into a deadening monotony of tone. This piece was a nice departure from that syndrome.” – Levi Asher, Literary Kicks Online


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