KITKA Womans Vocal Ensemble
Vincent Louis Carrella
[Kitka's] music's power is in the lusty, full voiced singing and glottal gymnastics, which are capable of taking the top of your head right off.
Bill Tilland, Option
Angelic voices in complete unison…like Mother Earth herself had opened up her vocal cords.
Larry Luther, Ledger Dispatch
Their power and energy is exotic and exhilarating… showcasing the beauty and vitality of female voices.
Heidi Zemach, National Public Radio
The angular, jarring harmonies cast a hypnotic spell.
David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express
Kitka's music can make you weak in the knees, with its haunting balance of beauty and brashness… breathtaking, intense and gorgeous.
The Trenton Times
At times, it is as beautiful as a single breath of wind that gently skitters across the surface of the water at dawn. At other moments it is as unsettling as the crackling whoosh of a wildfire as it spreads through a field of dry timber… The depth and range of the singers' skills are indisputable, and the breadth of moods and emotions covered by the ensemble is awe-inspiring…immensely compelling.
Douglas Heselgrave, The Music Box
Even God stops to listen when Kitka — unamplified, without sets, props, instruments, or even lyrics most people can understand — opens its collective mouth. The sound is so chillingly beautiful, by anyone's standards, that the entire audience sits enraptured, most of them with eyes shut. My own eyes flooded with tears.
Summer Burkes, The Guardian
The singing of Kitka was tangy, excellently in tune and verbally communicative.
Andrew Porter, The New Yorker
Only a Slavic folk tune can express bliss in a minor key, agony in jaunty dance rhythms. Kitka delivered with a combination of exquisite technique and pure, unflinching emotion. If life must hurt, it should always feel this good.
Grant Menzies, The Oregonian
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