KITKA Womans Vocal Ensemble
Vincent Louis Carrella
A women's vocal ensemble unlike any other, KITKA blends a contemporary sensibility with specialized vocal techniques from Eastern Europe that have been distilled over centuries. Using only the pure unaccompanied voice, they create a constantly shifting landscape of sound, pulsing with angular rhythms, where dramatic dynamics leap from delicate stillness to shattering resonance, and seamless unisons explode into lush incomprehensible chords. More than just a concert, an evening with Kitka unites vibrant music, enhanced by a subtly changing stage picture, compelling song introductions, and each singer's warm rapport with the audience.
Posted: May-25-2011
Latest Acclaim
If you didn't know better, you'd think some post-modern composer was behind it.
— Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted: May-13-2011
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Posted: Oct-4-2020