Cascada de Flores - Radio flor Quintet
It's just a beautiful pairing...

They are reimagining, she is giving the song much more modern, much more present, muc more current quality to it, and I love how Jorge, who plays the guitar meets up with her voice. It's just a beautiful pairing of the two.

Betto Arcos, NPR - All Thnigs Considered / Golbal Village
exquisite vocal harmonies

The group, whose name means "waterfall of flowers," features exquisite vocal harmonies accompanied by the stellar guitar and tres...

Andrew Gilbert, Contra Costa Times

Playful, witty and artfully staged, the show is as charming as the music is breathtaking.

Cascada de Flores bring intoxicating energy to the Latin American songbook. But with their new show “Radio Flor,” the ensemble has created a delightful frame for their repertoire of emotionally wrought boleros, rhythmically insistent sones, bamcucos, guarachas, and even a soaring Rodgers and Hart gem.

Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News
heart-pumping joy and emotional depth

It's richly musical, half-told through Marriott's delightfully upbeat, mournful, whimsical and wistful corridos as performed by Cascada de Flores (Jorge Liceaga on guitar and the beautiful voices of Arwen Lawrence de Castellanos and Sabra Weber). The songs are the heart-pumping joy and emotional depth of the show.

San Francisco Chronicle
...the message is in the music & vocals!

No need to understand the language, the message is in the music & vocals!

Bob Morello, Boston Post-Gazette

What a great idea this turned out to be! I loved the way the music sounds and the evident love with which each musician performs, which permeates through the speakers and into your ears.

Hector Aviles, Latino MusicCafe
as if stepping into an easy dream

A simple merging of voices, guitar and the ever-so-present clave keeping time: utterly simple, as if stepping into an easy dream from which you have no desire to return."

...it's possible to learn the roots while listening to experts play music they clearly love. The result is rich, delicate, and lovely.

…they tread gracefully on earth well-tamped by many dancing feet.

Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine
every time, I fall in love with these people

I've seen Cascada in concert half a dozen times now, and every time, I fall in love with these people. Love of that intoxicating, temporary kind, whose transience makes it no less real, falling in love for an evening is one of life's grand experiences.

In performance something truly magical happens, as those mysterious miracles of persona, chemistry, and emotion emerge and create something transcendent.

The voices of Arwen and Sabra intertwine so perfectly, and their phrasing is so exquisite, that often it sounds as if there is a single voice singing two parts at once. Indeed, Jorge's guitar sings directly to your heart.

Ernie Tamminga, The Community Music Forum
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