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An immensely satisfying listening experience.

"I don’t think there’s an ensemble singing English Renaissance music with as much conviction (they sound so “in” this music) and beauty as Stile Antico. This is an outstanding recording on every level. Faultlessly produced and engineered by the Harmonia Mundi team of Robina Young and Brad Michel, it’s an album that consistently moves the heart and delights the ear, even during these weeks before Advent and Christmas." - Craig Zeichner, ARIAMA.COM

4 STARS "A little jewel box of famous European polyphony c1520 – c1620... At the centre of the program we also find the modern composer John McCabe who has provided the choir with a stunning setting of the late medieval text Woefully Arrayed... beautifully tailored to the 12 voices of the choir... they manage it with superb poise and great dramatic sensitivity and projection... inspired moments abound – the glittering, delicate tracery of sound in O Crux Ave by Morales is magical." - Calum MacDonald, BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

4 STARS "The run-up to Christmas seems hardly the most propitious time to release an Easter-themed anthology of choral music, but regardless, Passion & Resurrection is to be welcomed both for its skilled execution, and for clever programming incorporating the homely clarity of William Cornysh's Woefully Arrayed, intended for domestic rather than church performance, and the more complex English and European arrangements of John Taverner, Thomas Tallis and Tomas Luis de Victoria. Highlights include Stile Antico's soaring, cathedral-like harmonic layerings on Tallis's O Sacrum Convivium and the joyous, cascading repetitions of Orlando Gibbons' Hosanna to the Son of David." - Andy Gill, INDEPENDENT

5 STARS "The recorded sound, caught at All Hallows’ Church in London, is brilliantly splashy in the best sense of the word, the many strands floating above our heads in wonderful surround sound, fiercely explosive in the broad dynamic range and yet quietly introspective when the music calls for it. The performances are second to none, rivetingly presented with all the skill of master musicians who have been doing this for years—the miracle is that they are all young, and yet still are able to penetrate the essence of these wonderful works. Need I say more?" - Steven Ritter, AUDIOPHILE AUDITION

"An immensely satisfying listening experience, with first-rate performances and uniformly gorgeous music. [Stile Antico] represents the future of serious, unhyped, technically polished, stylistically attuned, and musically affecting choral performance." - LISTEN Magazine

"The vocal performance is immaculate... With so much ethereal beauty presented on this recording, waiting until next spring to enjoy it reminds me that we only have this moment. Enjoy this recording any time, but don’t wait too long." - Patricia Herlevi, WHOLE MUSIC

10 Performance /10 Sound Quality “Stile Antico represents the future of serious, unhyped, technically polished, stylistically attuned, and musically affecting choral performance.” - David Vernier, CLASSICSTODAY.COM

“A pleasing sound and ensemble and there’s a lot to admire here ... the sound springs into life when they begin the McCabe... another good recording.” - Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3

“Particularly fine is Stile Antico’s rousing renditions of Orlando Gibbons’s Hosanna to the Son of David and William Byrd’s In Resurrectione Tua. And one would be remiss not to mention the delicacy of Stile Antico’s version of O Crux Ave by Christobal de Morales as well as the sumptuous sound that the singers display in Thomas Tallis’s O Sacrum Convivium and Jean Lheritier’s Surrexit Pastor Bonus. What about the goose bump inducing purity of their intonation on Dum Transisset by John Taverner? This is one of those few recordings that makes it exceedingly difficult to zero in on the standout moments. “ - Christian Carey, CHAMBER MUSICIAN TODAY

"This is state-of-the-art early music choral performance and all who love the period will find it of great interest" - Grego Edwards, GAPPLEGATE CLASSICAL-MODERN

"Stile Antico have come along to show us this music can live in different ways.... their 'style' is characterized by directness and seamless warmth, enabling the full humanity of this transcendent music to come out." - Bob Neil, POSITIVE FEEDBACK

"the hottest act in Renaissance polyphony... [give us] fireworks here amidst the otherworldly glimmer and gleam... there’s an absolutely gorgeous, dynamically rich version of Thomas Tallis’ iconic, anthemic O Sacrum Convivium"- Alan Young, LUCID CULTURE

- Craig Zeichner, ARIAMA.COM, Harmonia Mundi USA press release
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