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"Celtic Connections" Arts in Education program

Tour West Grant funded over 26 times.

Craicmore's school outreach program
, Celtic
Connections is fun, entertaining and intelligent.
Students and teachers clap, chant & sing along
with exciting, upbeat Celtic songs. Lively
question & answer sessions encourage students
to have direct and honest dialogue with the
artists. This program has been shared with over
65,000 students in more than 280 performances.

Celtic Connections helps educators meet
many specific standards in social studies,
language arts and music. The program
demonstrates through music, instruments,
authentic Scottish Tartan kilts (lesson plan is
provided), traditions, and geography, the
positive influence diverse cultures can have on
each other. Through simple vocalizing, students
learn to recognize two of Celtic music's most
popular dance tune styles:
the jig (6/8 time signature), and the reel (4/4 time signature).
Using traditional Irish music as an example,

students hear an historic rendition of a 500-year
old jig, to which newer musical influences from
Spain and the Americas are added.
Demonstrating that Irish Music is now
influenced by the entire world of music,
traditional instruments from East India and
Australia are introduced and blended with the
traditional instruments & tunes of Ireland.

Students see, on an eight-foot wide graphic
interactive map of the world, the geographical
location of Ireland, Scotland, Canada, USA,
Mexico, Peru, Spain, India, and Australia. Two
student volunteers are invited on stage to work
with the map.

Celtic Connections helps students
that cultures throughout the world are ever
changing, becoming increasingly
interdependent, and the positive influences
diverse cultures can have on each other.

Presenters' Reviews

“The school outreach program in the morning
was one of the most well organized programs
that we have ever presented here. The teacher
packet that you provided was really perfect. The
amount of interaction with the children worked
to perfection. And the inclusion of
geographical and cultural connections really
helped broaden the appeal of this show.”

David C. Palmer - Theatre Manager
Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts, Whittier, CA

“In one week Craicmore performed for over 5,000
kindergarten through twelfth grade students at eleven
schools. I appreciate your ability to keep up with the
schedule and the way you were able to tailor your show for
the different grades.”

Peggy Thompson - Executive Director
Tahoe Arts Project, South Lake Tahoe, CA

"The public performances were outstanding, we were
pleased at the standing ovations you received. Your four
educational/outreach programs were among the best we
have seen."

Joann Muneta - Education/Outreach Coordinator
Festival Dance & Performing Arts, Inc., Moscow, ID

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Posted: Dec-3-2014
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