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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Something That Feels Better Than This

Written and Performed by Seth Lepore

The happiness industry is turned on its head to unearth the farcical ideology of the positive thinking movement. From Texas megachurches turned motivational hothouses, to the latest testament of self-actualization from Oprah's Book Club, nothing is safe from Lepore's scrutinizing looking glass.

Lepore uses his shrewd observations of our fascinating hang-ups with happiness to expose the true cost of this ongoing pursuit. He weaves his stranger-than-fiction, all too real characters into the fold using a chameleon-like ability to shape-shift on a dime. Interspersed with autobiographical digests Lepore creates scenes that push the envelope of what solo performance is capable of.

“Not since Voltaire’s hilarious bashing of the quixotic hero named Optimism… has anyone taken such a serious, and humorous, vendetta against looking on the bright side, as has Seth Lepore… Part Friedrich Nietzsche, part Jim Carrey, Lepore is sharp and challenging and funny and will help keep you honest and light-hearted around your own search for peace and happiness.” -Flavorpill

“Lepore ‘s impressions are fantastically entertaining, and [SuperHappy] has Lepore showing off even more of his physical agility.” -vita.mn

“Lepore crafts… a cornucopia of emotions battling each other for a chance in the spotlight and a very clever, darkly funny show…Lepore stretches the limits of character acting by switching effortlessly between facial expressions & expert voice work to bring these people to life on the turn of a dime… [SuperHappy…] is presented with a wit & honesty that makes this my favorite one-man show I’ve seen in quite some time.” -mpls.tv

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Posted: Jun-26-2014
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