Feb-9-2015 •

6 prior nominations, and now the win!!

Dec-6-2014 •

"The Sacred Spirit of Russia", conducted by Craig Hella Johnson. It is the ensemble's 6th Grammy Nomination.

Sep-29-2014 •

One night, Michael joined Tom on stage for a fiddle tune. Magic happened. Touring together, way more magic happens.

Founder of the much celebrated Cajun band BeauSoleil nearly 40 years ago, Michael Doucet, with his spellbinding fiddling and legendary onstage warmth, joins forces with Tom Rigney & Flambeau.

Featured Artist Recording
Sono Luminus presents this uniquely engaging collection of music that embodies the American spirit in Americana, the latest release by Modern Mandolin Quartet. The package will be a 2-disc set, containing a Blu-ray™ Surround Sound disc as well as a standard CD.
Expressing their opinion on their choices of musical selections for this album, the quartet writes, “This music attracted us because of the wonderful way it sounds on our instruments, particularly the Dvorák. Since the musical character of the pieces is based on various forms of American music, it lends itself extremely well to the mandolin. While many selections for piano and string music rely on idioms and techniques that may not transpose well to the mandolin, the pieces included on this disc were chosen for their vitality and the way they jumped right off the page.”
Fanfare Magazine exclaims, “MMQ play dead-straight, spot-on, and packed with freshness and vitality of a kind that is rare in material of this type. These are not down-scaled, make-em-easy, just-for-kicks charts either - they are a Major Thing. TRIPLE MUST!”
The Modern Mandolin Quartet was formed in 1985 to give a new voice to that most American of musical instruments, the mandolin. Following the tradition of the mandolin orchestras and chamber groups from the early twentieth century, the MMQ uses the instruments of the mandolin family which correspond to the conventional string quartet (two mandolins, mandola, and mandocello). To date the Quartet has arranged and performed over 90 works originally written for orchestra, chamber ensemble, piano, guitar, and string quartet....
Featured Video
A Flambeau zydeco rave-up--look out! Live performance at 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA.